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Need Answers? Ask NTP’s Experts!

Are you a qualified transport manager, operator licence holder, transport administrator, or professional driver in need of expert advice? Look no further than NTP’s Ask a Question service! 

Our experienced professionals are here to provide the answers you need to keep your business running smoothly and ensure compliance with legislation.

Who is this service for?

Our Ask a Question service is designed to benefit a range of transport professionals, including:

  • Qualified Transport Managers: Our experts can provide guidance on compliance with regulations, best practices, and more to ensure that you are operating your business efficiently and effectively.


  • Operator Licence Holders: We can help you navigate the complexities of obtaining and maintaining an operator licence and provide advice on compliance and best practices.


  • Transport Administrators: Our experts can provide guidance on compliance with regulations, as well as help you manage your day-to-day operations.


  • Professional Drivers: We can advise on compliance with rules and help you navigate complex situations on the road.
Money Back Guarantee

If we can’t answer your question in 24 working hours*, we will provide a 100% refund to your original payment card. 

*Working hours mean Monday – Friday between 9:00 – 17:00.

Questions received during non-working hours will be responded to during working hours and our money back guarantee does not apply unless we fail to answer the question within 24 working hours.

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What can I ask?

You can ask us anything related to road haulage and passenger transport. Some real-life examples of questions are:

Example 1: Following the introduction of the changes to Operator Licensing, whereby vans and vehicle/trailer combinations over 2500kg GVW up to and including 3500kg GVW undertaking journeys for hire and reward to the EU have to be licensed by the Office of The Traffic Commissioner, it is unclear as to what Drivers’ Hours rules would apply to them, can you help with this, please?

Example 2: If I were to move and live in the Philippines, do you know if my transport manager qualification would be transferrable to the Philippines? Or would I have to re-take the exam there too?

Who can't use this service?

This service is not for use by students of NTP or other providers seeking quick answers instead of completing training.

We won’t answer any questions that relate to course content as it’s not designed to be used to replace training services.