How to avoid losing your 'O’ Licence

Many operators struggle within maintaining compliance because they aren’t 100% sure exactly what they need to do to comply with their undertakings. Often overlooked but critically important is the health of your Operator Licence systems, procedures and paperwork. ​ Not being compliant can have serious consequences and failure to have the correct systems and documentations in place can put your Operators licence at risk. ​ Our aim is to help operators maintain compliance at all times. ​ Our course helps operator licences holders on restricted, standard national and international licences learn how to carry out a compliance audit on their company so they can maintain compliance across their organisation. ​ Our course has been designed for an operator licence holder or an appointed employee to successfully carry out a full compliance audit on the transport side of your business. The course is to be completed alongside the self-audit template which is included within this course. ​ This course will guide you through completing a self-audit on your company and producing a full audit report. ​ Our self-audit is designed to cover the areas the traffic commissioner focuses on and will make you aware of any areas that need improvement within your company to ensure that you are complying with legislation and the 11 undertakings of the operator’s licence. ​ It is recommended that transport companies carry out an audit on their business on an annual basis regardless if you run on a restricted or standard national operator licence. ​ This course is suitable for those wishing to monitor their own business and ensure compliance.

Benefits to learning online with NTP

Course benefits

  • It will provide you with the information you need to carry out a compliance audit on your company

  • It will show you any areas of weakness in your transport operation with regards to compliance

  • It will show that you take compliance seriously and actively monitor company compliance

  • You will know exactly which areas you must get right to be compliant

  • It will help you identify areas for improvement

  • You will have an overview of your transport operation in one clean document

  • Helps keep OCRS in the green

Bonuses Included

  • Audit Template

    A full audit template that you can use to complete the course and customise with your own company branding.

  • Full Support

    Direct email access to our team to allow you to ask questions and get support from the experts.

  • DVSA Guides

    The DVSA guide to maintaining roadworthiness and the safe operators guide included!

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Auditing your business

    • Compliance - Self Audit (Blank)

  • 2

    The Audit Process

    • Step 1 - Company Information

  • 3

    Suitability of Operating Centre

    • Audit Ref 2 - Vehicle Wash Areas

    • Audit Ref 3 - Security of Your Operating Centre

    • Audit Ref 4 - Maintenance Facilities

    • Audit Ref 5 - Photographic Evidence

  • 4

    Maintenance Systems

    • Audit Ref 6 - Wall Charts

    • Audit Ref 7 - Inspections

    • Audit Ref 8 - Inspection Sheets

    • Audit Ref 9 - Nil Defect System

    • Audit Ref 10 - Defect Reporting

    • Audit Ref 11 - Rectification

    • Audit Ref 12 - Wheel Security & Tyres

    • Audit Ref 13 - Brake Testing

    • Audit Ref 14 - Legal Documents

    • Audit Ref 15/16 - Photographic Evidence

  • 5

    Drivers Hours, Working Time & Tachographs

    • Audit Ref 17 - Analogue Charts

    • Audit Ref 18 - Digital Data

    • Audit Ref 19 - Downloading & Company Card

    • Audit Ref 20 - Download Frequencies

    • Audit Ref 21 - Analysis

    • Audit Ref 22 - WTD Night Worker

    • Audit Ref 23 - WTD Reference Period

    • Audit Ref 24 - Photographic Evidence

  • 6

    Driver Competence

    • Audit Ref 25 - Licence Checks

    • Audit Ref 26 - Driver CPC

    • Audit 27 - Infringements

    • Audit Ref 28 - Safe Systems of Work (SSOW)

    • Audit Ref 29 - Photographic Evidence

  • 7

    Audit Summary

    • Audit Ref 30 - Summary

    • Audit Ref 31 - Recommendations

    • End of course questionnaire

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