What you must know as a Transport Manager

Transport Managers and operator licence holders are faced with operational challenges on a daily basis and on top of this they have to deal with the ever changing legislation which can be difficult to keep up with and put them at risk of non-compliance. ​ Transport managers and operator licence holders must keep up to date with the latest legislation to avoid operational failures that could result in public inquiries, prosecution and even loss of the operator licence. ​ Our aim is to help transport managers and operator licence holders stay up to date with the legislation and ensure best practice. An EU directive brought in, in 2010 recommended that all CPC holders attend annual refreshers to ensure they were adhering to legislation surrounding the road freight operations. Our course helps transport professionals learn how to effectively manage a transport operation so they can work in line with current legislation and maintain compliance across their organisation. ​ This training course is designed to ensure that operator licence holders, transport managers and cpc holders are fully aware and compliant of their legal and operational responsibilities. ​ The course is suitable for operator licence holders, transport managers and cpc holders that require familiarisation with their legal responsibilities with regard to undertakings on an operator’s licence. You do not have to be a qualified transport manager to undertake this course, it is open to all however, it is designed for those already working within transport. The course provides an understanding of how to keep your operation legal and compliant. Our course is suitable for those running under a restricted, standard national and international operator licences. This course will tell you everything you need to know as a transport manager!e this solution.

Course Curriculum

  • 1

    Introduction to the course

    • Purpose of the course

    • Topics covered within the course

    • Additional Topics to be covered within the course Updates added 18.04.18

  • 2

    The Operators Licence

    • Legislation Update - 01/01/20 - Changes to Financial Standing

    • Who needs a licence?

    • Types of Operator Licence

    • How long an operator licence lasts

    • Operator licence undertakings

    • Undertakings- Understanding and Compliance

    • The declaration of understanding and agreement

  • 3

    The Transport Manager Role Update 18.04.18

    • The role of a Transport Manager

    • The role of a Transport Manager Continued

  • 4

    The Transport Manager's Repute Update 20.04.20

    • The Transport Manager's Repute

    • Transport Managers Repute - Road Traffic Offences

    • Transport Manager Infringements

  • 5

    The Role of Enforcement Authorities

    • Road traffic law - The Role of Enforcement Authorities

  • 6

    The OCRS System

    • Operator Compliance Risk Scores

    • Changes to the OCRS

    • OCRS Band Thresholds

    • Earned Recognition

    • OCRS Quiz

  • 7


    • Maintaining Roadworthiness

    • Responsibilities for Roadworthiness

    • Regular Safety Inspections

    • Making it Cost Effective

    • Safety Inspection Intervals

    • Safety Inspection Reporting

    • Intermediate Safety Checks & Adhoc Safety Inspection Intervals

    • Electronic capture and storage of Safety Inspection Data

    • Vehicle Cleanliness

    • Own safety Inspection Facilities

    • Contracted Out Arrangements

    • Roadside Safety Inspections

    • Monitoring

    • Roadworthiness Quiz

  • 8

    Drivers Hours and The Working Time Directive

    • Overview to DH & WTD

    • Weekly Driving Limit

    • Two Weekly Driving Limit

    • Compliance on Weekly & Two Weekly Hours

    • Working Time Regulations

    • Working Time Regulations - Breaks and Night Workers

  • 9

    Tachographs and Record Keeping

    • Requirements

    • Calibration, Sealing and Inspection

    • Downloading Information from the VU

    • Downloading Information from the driver card

    • Record Offences and Penalties

    • Employers Responsibilities

  • 10

    Driver Certificate of Professional Competence

    • Driver CPC

  • 11

    Load Safety

    • Safety of Loads

  • 12

    Course Summary

    • Course Quiz

    • Summary

    • DVSA Guide to maintaining roadworthiness

    • DVSA Safe operators guide

    • Good Vehicle Operator Licencing Guide

    • Drivers Hours & WTD Guidance

    • End of course questionnaire

Course Benefits

  • You will know exactly which areas you must get right to be compliant

  • Will help you identify areas for improvement

  • Train online - when you want, where you want at your own pace

  • Your questions answered - Got a question? then use our question feature and our trainers will get right back to you

  • Access to the course for 365 days - login as many times as you need for a whole year!

  • Refresh your knowledge as a transport manager or operator licence holder

  • Suitable for restricted, standard national and international licence holders

  • Receive a certificate in transport management that can be put towards your CPD

  • No need to take time away from work - study where you want, when you want and access the course 24/7

  • Update on any new legislation

Bonus Material

  • Support from experts

    Direct email access to our team to allow you to ask questions and get support from the experts.

  • DVSA Guides

    The DVSA guide to maintaining roadworthiness, safe operators guide and vehicle operator licencing guide are included within the course.

  • Course Certificate

    Proof of training is provided with a certificate of training that can be used for your continuous professional development and even displayed on your LinkedIn profile.

Course Fees

Prices includes course access for 1 year.

Course Reviews

Testimonials from our students

5 star rating

good refresher

Mathieu Varley

a good course to refresh knowledge and keep up with legislation changes

a good course to refresh knowledge and keep up with legislation changes

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