Finally understand how to correctly use a digital tachograph without any complicated jargon!

Drivers are often faced with having to use a digital tachograph with little or no training. This puts them at risk of receiving infringements, not recording work correctly and not understanding the features and symbols used on a digital tachograph.

Drivers have a responsibility to correctly record their work and not doing so can lead to infringements and fines for the driver. Every driver should have an understanding of how to use a digital tachograph and know what each pictorgram means to enable them to correctly use the digital tachograph.

What Will You Learn?

Our course helps drivers and managers learn how to use a digital tachograph and understand pictograms so they can work in line with legislation and avoid infringements by using the tachograph correctly and understanding the pictograms. This course will give you a basic overview of how to use a digital tachograph along with a complete guide to the symbols used on a digital tachograph.

As part of the course, you will receive a copy of the NTP digital tachograph symbols guide that you can download, save and print to use as a reference guide whenever you need it. All delegates who successfully complete the course will receive a certificate of completion.This course can count towards continuous professional development and be noted in your CPD log.

Course Curriculum

What will I learn in this course?

  • 1


    • Digital Tachograph Introduction

  • 2

    The Digital Tachograph

    • Do you need to use a tachograph

    • Vehicle Units

    • The data stored on a vehicle unit

    • The digital tachograph quiz

  • 3

    Using The Driver Card

    • Using your driver card in the vehicle unit

    • How to log on with your card

    • Why make manual enteries

    • Using the Driver Card Quiz

  • 4

    Tachograph Pictograms

    • Know your pictograms - what each symbol means

    • Driving Period

    • Break or Rest

    • Period of Availability

    • Other Work or Duties

    • Valid Interruption or Accumulated Break

    • Tacho Card or Driver Card

    • Driver 1

    • Driver 2

    • Clock or Time

    • Unknown Time

    • Enter Start of a New Shift (Manual Entry)

    • Enter Location at Start of New Shift (Manual Entry)

    • Enter End of Shift (Manual Entry)

    • Enter Location at End of Shift (Manual Entry)

    • Printout Not Possible

    • Beginning of Shift

    • End of Shift

    • Local Place and Time

    • Manual Entry Request

    • Enter Manual Information

    • Location at Start of Day

    • Location at End of Day

    • Enter Something (Manual Entry)

    • Delay, Please Wait

    • Daily

    • Take a Break, Driven for 4hr 15

    • Second Prompt. Take a break NOW Driven 4hr 30

    • Printer has no paper

    • Card is Defective

    • Entry Incorrect

    • Event

    • Fault Possible Fault with Drivers Card or VU

    • Daily Printout of Drivers Activities from Drivers Card

    • Printer Fault

    • Speed Violation. Exceeding Speed Limit for Period of Time

    • Inserting an Invalid Tahograph Card

    • Inserting Drivers Card while Driving

    • Card Conflict

    • Driving without Suitable Drivers Card

    • Team Operation or Double Manning

    • Driving or Driver

    • Drivers Card

    • No Card Insterted

    • Card Malfunction Slot 1/2

  • 5

    Digital Tachograph Pictogram Quiz

    • Digi Tacho Pictogram Quiz

  • 6

    Course Summary

    • Tachograph Awareness and Pictogram Summary

    • NTP Digital Tachograph Symbols Guide

    • End of course questionnaire

Who Would Benefit From This Course?

Both HGV and PSV drivers will benefit from this course as well as those working in transport offices including transport managers and O' licence holders.


Upon completion of this course, you will automatically receive a certificate of completion accredited by NTP Online Learning.

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