Manage the transport side of your business with ease

Restricted operators are faced with the operational challenge of running transport as a secondary part of their business on a daily basis and on top of this they have to deal with the ever-changing legislation which can be difficult to keep up with and put them at risk of non-compliance. Restricted operators holders must keep up to date with the latest legislation to avoid operational failures that could result in public inquiries, prosecution and even loss of the operator licence.

This course is designed to help restricted licence holders stay up to date with the legislation and ensure best practice. Our course helps restricted operators learn how to effectively manage a transport operation so they can work in line with current legislation and maintain compliance across their organisation. 

What Will You Learn?

This training course is designed to ensure that restricted operators are fully aware and compliant of their legal and operational responsibilities. The course will give you a clear understanding of your obligations and teach you how to effectively manage the transport side of your business.

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Welcome

  • 2


    • Welcome

    • Purpose of the course

    • Accessing Student Support

    • Useful Documents

    • Statutory Guidance from The Traffic Commissioners.

  • 3


    • Delegating Duties

    • What Is Meant By "Fit and Proper"

    • What Is Meant By "Good Repute"

    • Repute "Infringements"

    • Repute "Most Serious Infringements"

    • Industry Knowledge

    • Your Positive Traits

    • Transport Manager Number of Hours

    • Your Continuous Professional Development (CPD)

  • 4


    • Understanding the Problems

    • Adequacy Of Management

    • Brake Testing

    • Bridge Strikes

    • The 11 Undertakings

  • 5


    • Introduction

  • 6

    ADMINISTRATION OF DRIVERS (General Responsibilities)

    • Driving Licence Entitlement

    • Regular Checks of Driving Licences

    • Driver CPC

    • Drivers Hours Records

    • Working Time Records

  • 7

    MANAGEMENT OF DRIVERS (General Responsibilities)

    • Compliance with Driving Hours

    • Appropriate Recording of Duty and Driving Hours

    • Digital Tachograph and Driver Card

    • Retention of Drivers' Hours Records

    • Working Time Records

    • Competent To Operate Vehicles

    • Training and Disciplinary

  • 8

    OPERATIONS OF DRIVERS (General Responsibilities)

    • Driver Defect Reporting

    • Breaks and Rest Periods

  • 9

    ADMINISTRATION OF VEHICLES (General Responsibilities)

    • Maintenance Records

    • Vehicles On Operator Licence

    • Contingency

    • Payloads, Heights and Tachograph Calibrations

    • Certificate of Insurance

    • Maintenance Planner

  • 10

    MANAGEMENT OF VEHICLES (General Responsibilities)

    • Fit And Roadworthy Condition

    • Driver Defect Reporting

    • Vehicles Out Of Service

    • Make Vehicles and Trailers Available

    • Safety Inspection Intervals

    • Quality of Service and Maintenance

    • Vehicles Under The Authority of the Operator

  • 11


    • Summary

    • Driving Licence Codes

    • Staged Testing

    • Application for Provisional Licence

    • Medical Standards

    • The Group 2 Driving Test

    • Duration of Full Vocational Entitlement

    • Licence Renewals

    • Driving with an Expired Licence

    • Returning Drivers with Expired Vocational Entitlement

    • Acquired Rights Drivers

    • Production of Licence

    • Driving Licences for Non-GB Citizens

    • Checking Driver Licences

    • Methods of Checking Drivers' Licences

  • 12


    • Employer and Employee Duties

    • Initial CPC

    • Converting a Foreign DCPC to a UK One

    • Exemptions - Who Does Not Need A CPC

    • CPC General Requirements

    • Checking Driver CPC Records

    • Driver Qualification Offences and Penalties

  • 13


    • Applying For An Operator Licence

    • Objections and Representations Against Grant of an O-licence

    • The Online Vehicle Operator Licence System

    • The Operator Licence

    • The Operating Centre

    • Making Changes to an Operator Licence

    • Operator Compliance Risk Score (OCRS)

  • 14


    • The Guide To An Effective Maintenence System

    • First Use and Return To Service Inspections

    • Driver Vehicle Checks

    • Safety Inspections

    • Safety Inspection Records

    • Safety Inspections - Brakes

    • Safety Inspections - Wheels Removal and Refitting

    • Safety Inspections - Tyre Management

    • Safety Inspections - Tyres Inspection and Replacement

    • Contracting Out Maintenance

    • In-house Maintenance

    • Annual Test and Preparation

    • Prohibitions

    • Electronic Capture of Data

  • 15


    • Drivers' Hours Summary

    • Employers' and Employees' Duties

    • Monitoring Driver Compliance


    • EU Drivers' Hours - The Week

    • EU Drivers' Hours - Daily Limits and Breaks From Driving

    • EU Drivers' Hours - Weekly and Fortnightly Limits

    • EU Drivers' Hours - Daily Rest

    • EU Drivers' Hours - Weekly Rest Periods

    • EU Drivers' Hours - Daily and Weekly Rests on Trains and Ferries - inc 2020 Amendments

    • EU Drivers' Hours - International Carriage of Goods and Returning to Base - inc 2020 Amendments

    • EU Drivers' Hours - Unforeseen Circumstances

    • GB Domestic Rules

  • 16


    • Digital Tachographs - Employer and Drivers' Duties

    • Digital Tachograph Vehicle Unit and Tachograph Cards

    • The Operator and The Digital Tachograph

    • The Driver and the Digital Tachograph

    • Analogue Tachographs - Employer and Drivers' Duties

  • 17


    • Drivers Hours Records - Employer and Employee Duties

    • Retention and Inspection of Tachograph Records

    • GB Domestic Hours Record Keeping

    • Mixed Vehicle Records

    • Enforcement and Penalties

    • Vehicle File

    • Working Time Record Keeping

  • 18


    • Maximum Weights of HGV

    • Axle Weight Limits

    • Maximum Length

    • Maximum Width

    • Measuring Maximum Length and Maximum Width

    • Vehicle Heights Within UK

    • Vehicle Heights and Widths Outside UK

    • Long and Wide Loads

    • Abnormal Loads - Special Types General Order (STGO)

    • Abnormal Indivisible Load and ESDAL

    • Marking and Attendants

  • 19


    • Employer and Employee Duties

    • Offences for Dangerous Loading

    • Risk Management

  • 20


    • Overview

    • DVSA

    • Disciplinary Powers

    • Actions Against The Operator Licence

    • Impounding of vehicles

    • Public Inquiry

    • Prepare For A Public Inquiry

    • STC Emphasis on Bridge Strikes

  • 21


    • On Site Accident Book

    • UK Road Traffic Collision procedures that need to be followed

  • 22


    • Assessment

Who Would Benefit From This Course?

This course benefits those involved in the transport operation of a restricted licence holder that requires familiarisation with their legal responsibilities with regard to undertakings on an operator’s licence. It is designed for those already working within transport and running under a restricted operator licence.


Upon completion of this course, you will automatically receive a certificate of completion accredited by NTP Online Learning.

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