How to Gain the Transport Manager CPC Quickly, Easily and in the Most Cost-effective Way Possible

PCV online transport manager CPC study course leading to a level 3 Certificate of Professional Competence in Passenger Transport operations

A Transport Management position within the PCV & PSV industry can typically attract a salary of between £32,000 and £42,000 per annum. A self-employed freelance Transport Manager can earn considerably more with many commanding a salary of over £100,000 per year. However, to be eligible to apply for a lucrative transport management position you must possess the Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC). This is a highly valued, internationally recognised qualification that ensures you or the company you work for, are fully compliant in meeting the requirement of the Goods Vehicles (Licensing of Operators) Act 1995 and EU Regulation 1071/2009/EC. A major problem now facing the transport industry is that there are just not enough CPC qualified transport managers available, to fill the ever-increasing number of job vacancies. It’s a dilemma for the industry that is destined to drive salaries even higher.

How to get qualified and reap the rewards…

NTP Services are JAUPT approved industry experts and a leading provider of online training solutions. We offer the only online Transport Manager In passenger transport CPC training programme designed to prepare you to successfully pass the CPC examinations set by the awarding bodies. All work is undertaken online and at your own pace.

Internationally recognised qualification

This valuable internationally recognised qualification is essential for anyone entering the profession of Passenger Transport Management. It is also necessary for anyone who needs to demonstrate their professional competence to meet the Operator Licensing requirements. The CPC is a permanent award, does not expire or need to be renewed, although refresher courses are available. It is advisable to take a short refresher course every year

Major benefits to individuals considering career progression

Individuals who successfully complete the online course and pass the examinations, will be able to progress their career into management or legally operate their own passenger transport operation. You are also able to command substantial fees should you decide to become a self-employed freelance Transport Manager. You will also be free to choose which companies you work for and when. Every transport company in the UK and Europe must employ a qualified Transport Manager, if operating on a standard licence, in order to fully comply with legislation. Failure to do so can result in significant fines for the transport company and the loss of their operator’s licence.

Who is eligible to apply?

The NTP Online Transport Manager CPC course is open to all. Unlike many other similar courses, you do not need any other qualifications to be eligible to enrol on the CPC course. There are no age limits or any other barriers to being accepted, although it is recommended that you possess competent English and Maths skills. Also, as the full course is computer based, a basic level of computer literacy is advantageous.

Why choose the online transport manager CPC course?

Studying online allows you to study at your own pace and in your own time. This is particularly useful in allowing the course work to be fitted in and around your work and family commitments. Online study means not having to take time off work to attend day classes or the inconvenience of attending evening classes. A home study (paper based) course, which is sometimes cheaper, offers no support and very often leads to students abandoning the course. NTP Online Learning have fully qualified experts on hand to help and guide you through the CPC course ensuring you stand a much higher than average chance of passing the examinations first time.

The easiest and most efficient, cost-effective option

The online Transport Manager (passenger transport) CPC course from NTP is the most cost-effective option available. You simply log-on to your course work at any time 24/7, from any location, and work to complete each module at your own pace. If at any time you need help, you can simply call our dedicated helpline number for assistance. A full support service has proved invaluable to the many students who have already successfully completed the course. This has led to a much lower drop-out rate and higher retention than many other similar courses. It has also facilitated completing the course and passing the examinations in much less time, than if you were attending day or evening classes or working to complete a home study course. The cost of the course training is an investment in your future, ensuring a virtually guaranteed income for all your working life. Course payments can be conveniently spread over several installments. Simply select an installment plan that suits your budget.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Introduction - The Certificate of Professional Competence in Road Passenger Transport

    • Certificate of Professional Competence in Road Passenger Transport

    • Welcome

    • Welcome

    • Certificate of Professional Competence - Introduction to the qualification

    • Completing the Transport Manager CPC Course

    • Useful Documents

  • 2


    • Structure of Law

    • Common Law, Equity & Statute Law

    • Judicial Precedent and Case Law & European Union Law

    • International Law & Subordinate Legislation

    • Codes Of Practice

    • Law of Contracts

    • Law of Contracts Continued

    • Common and Private Carriers, Employer & Agent. Employer & Employee

    • Torts, Negligence, Private and Public Nuisance and Trespass

    • Sole Traders

    • Partnerships

    • Tax Payments for Sole Traders & Partnerships

    • Dissolving a Partnership

    • Limited Liability Partnership

    • Public & Private Companies

    • Formation of a Company with Public or Private Limited Liability

    • Corporation Tax

    • Winding Up & Liquidation of a Company

    • Other Types of Companies

    • Multiple Choice Test

    • Revision Note Tips

    • Revision Notes

  • 3

    Workplace Relations

    • Introduction to Industrial Relations

    • Trade Unions

    • Union Duties

    • Public Duties

    • Trade Disputes, Secret Ballots & Picketing

    • ACAS

    • Employment Tribunals

    • Agency Workers

    • Employees

    • Pay Statement

    • Wage Payments

    • Guaranteed Payments

    • Minimum Notice Periods Rights

    • Medical Suspension

    • Maternity Rights

    • Shared Maternity & Paternity Leave Rights

    • Caring for Dependents Rights

    • Flexible Working Rights

    • Statutory Sick Pay (SSP)

    • Redundancies and Payments

    • Copy of Pension

    • Working Time

    • Disciplinary and Grievance Procedures & Dismissal

    • Discrimination in the Workplace

    • Accessibility in the Workplace

    • Multiple Choice Test

    • Revision Note Tips

    • Revision Notes

  • 4

    Health & Safety

    • Introduction to Health & Safety

    • Employer and Employee Responsibilities

    • Health & Safety Reps and Committees

    • The Working Environment

    • Manual Handling

    • Display Screen Equipment

    • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

    • Risk Assessments

    • Fire

    • First Aid

    • Smoking, Noise & Other Legislation

    • Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences

    • Control of Substance Hazardous to Health

    • Admin and Enforcement of Health and Safety Legislation

    • Employers Liability Insurance

    • Multiple Choice Test

    • Revision Note Tips

    • Revision Notes

  • 5

    Financial Management & Business Tax

    • Introduction to Financial Management

    • Documentation

    • Banking Services

    • Ownership

    • Accounting Terms

    • Financial Resources

    • Uses of Financial Resources

    • Profit and Loss Accounts

    • Profit and Loss Accounts continued

    • Balance Sheet

    • Terms, Ratio & Capital

    • Budgeting

    • Cash Flow

    • Budgeting Cash

    • Stock Control

    • Reconciling, Parts & Obsolescence

    • Formulas

    • Business Tax

    • Multiple Choice Test Financial Management

    • Multiple Choice Test Business Tax

    • Revision Note Tips Financial Management

    • Revision Note Tips Business Tax

    • Revision Notes

  • 6

    Business Marketing

    • Business Marketing

    • SWOT Analysis

    • The Marketing Mix

    • Market Divide

    • Market Research

    • Product Life Cycle

    • Public Relations & Sales

    • Organisation Charts

    • KPI's

    • Multiple Choice Test Marketing

    • Multiple Choice Test KPI

    • Revision Note Tips Marketing

    • Revision Note Tips KPI

    • Revision Notes

  • 7

    Moving People

    • Introduction

    • Transport Options & Contract of Carriage

    • PSV Laws and Regulations

    • Multiple Choice Test

    • Revision Note Tips

    • Revision Notes

  • 8

    Operator Licensing

    • Introduction to Operator Licensing

    • Vehicles within scope of the licensing system

    • Licence Types

    • Section 19 and Section 22 Permits

    • The Application Process

    • The Application Process & Documentation

    • Financial Standing

    • Transport Manager

    • Transport Manager Repute (Infringements)

    • Transport Manager Repute (Serious Infringements)

    • Issue of an O'Licence

    • The Licence Undertakings

    • Enforcement and Quality Control

    • Operator Compliance Risk Score (OCRS)

    • Multiple Choice Test Operator Licensing

    • Multiple Choice Test OCRS

    • Revision Note Tips

    • Revision Notes

  • 9

    Driver Licensing

    • Categories of Entitlement

    • Disciplinary

    • International Drivers and Permits

    • Checking Licences

    • Multiple Choice Test

    • Revision Note Tips

    • Revision Notes

  • 10

    Drivers Hours, Working Time Directive and Record Keeping

    • Introduction

    • Driving & Rest Periods

    • Multi Manning & Ferry or Train Transport

    • Driving Limits

    • GB Domestic Hours

    • The Working Time Directive

    • The Working Time Directive Breaks & Night Workers

    • Reference Periods

    • Record Keeping Introduction

    • The Digital Tachograph

    • The Analogue Tachograph

    • Drivers Hours & Working Time Record Keeping

    • Multiple Choice Test Drivers Hours & WTD

    • Multiple Choice Test Driver Hours Records

    • Revision Note Tips Drivers Hours & WTD

    • Revision Note Tips Driver Hours Records

    • Revision Notes

  • 11

    Weights and Dimensions

    • Introduction

    • Weights and Dimensions - Uk

    • Weights and Dimensions - EU

    • Weights and Dimensions - Exceeding Weights

    • Multiple Choice Test

    • Revision Note Tips

    • Revision Notes

  • 12

    Selecting The Correct Vehicle

    • Choosing The Correct Vehicle

    • Multiple Choice Test

    • Revision Note Tips

    • Revision Notes

  • 13

    Vehicle and Tests

    • Introduction

    • Type Approval & MOT

    • Multiple Choice Test

    • Revision Note Tips

    • Revision Notes

  • 14

    Preventative Maintenance and Safety Inspections

    • Introduction

    • Planning

    • Pre-Use Inspection (Walkround Check)

    • Annual Tests, Preparation & Auditing

    • Organisation and Documentation

    • Prohibition Notices

    • Multiple Choice Test Preventative Maintenance

    • Multiple Choice Test Prohibition

    • Revision Note Tips

    • Revision Notes

  • 15

    Electronics in the Workplace

    • Vehicle and Business Electronics

    • Multiple Choice Test

    • Revision Note Tips

    • Revision Notes

  • 16

    Vehicle Excise Duty

    • Vehicle Excise Duty

    • Trade Licences & Recovery Vehicles

    • Penalties For Committing Offences

    • Multiple Choice Test

    • Revision Note Tips

    • Revision Notes

  • 17

    Calculating the Costs of Operating Vehicles

    • Introduction

    • Terminology of Vehicle Calculations

    • Understanding Standing Costs

    • Understanding Running Costs

    • Understanding Profit Requirements

    • Vehicle Utilisation & Calculating Rates

    • International Journey Costing

    • Multiple Choice Test

    • Revision Note Tips

    • Revision Notes

  • 18

    PSV Service Operations

    • Introduction

    • Definition of Operations

    • Applications and Changes

    • Bus Services Operator Grant

    • Traffic Regulation Conditions

    • Standards and Penalties

    • Multiple Choice Test

    • Revision Note Tips

    • Revision Notes

  • 19

    Competition Rules

    • Transport Act 2000

    • Competition Act 1998

    • Multiple Choice Test

    • Revision Note Tips

    • Revision Notes

  • 20

    Timetabling and Scheduling

    • Introduction

    • Vehicles To Cover a Route

    • Duties To Operate A Service

    • Drivers To Operate A Route

    • Drafting a Timetable

    • Multiple Choice Test

    • Revision Note Tips

    • Revision Notes

  • 21

    Fares, Revenues and Tenders

    • Introduction

    • Definition of Fares

    • Tenders

    • Multiple Choice Test

    • Revision Note Tips

    • Revision Notes

  • 22

    Speed Limits, Regulations, Traffic Accidents & Insurance

    • Speed Limits

    • International Speed Limits

    • Speeding – Offences and Penalties

    • Parking Restrictions in the UK

    • Restrictions on the use of PSV in the UK

    • Regulations for International Traffic

    • UK Tolls

    • Toll Systems in the EU

    • UK Accident procedures that need to be followed

    • European Accident procedures that need to be followed

    • Prevention of accidents

    • Requirements for Insurance

    • Vehicle Insurances

    • Other Insurance Policies

    • Other Insurance Policies contd

    • Invalidate Insurance

    • Multiple Choice Test Speed Limits & Regulations

    • Multiple Choice Test Prevention of Accidents

    • Multiple Choice Test Insurance

    • Revision Note Tips Speed Limits & Regulations

    • Revision Note Tips Prevention of Accidents

    • Revision Note Tips Insurance

    • Revision Notes

  • 23


    • Introduction

    • Types Of International Operation

    • Passports, Visas and Driving Licences

    • Customs

    • International Package Travel Rules

    • International Route Planning

    • Immigration

    • 12 Day Rule

    • Schengen Agreement

    • Multiple Choice Test

    • Revision Note Tips

    • Revision Notes

  • 24

    International Contd

    • International Transport Documentation

    • Service Travel Documents

    • Passenger Lists On Ferries

    • Multiple Choice Test

    • Revision Note Tips

    • Revision Notes

  • 25

    Pre-Mock Examination - Important Information

    • Pre-Mock Examination - Important Information

  • 26

    Multiple Choice Tests

    • Mock Test One

    • Mock Test Two

    • Mock Test Three

    • Mock Test Four

  • 27

    Case Study Tests

    • Full Case Study - Sept 18

    • Full Case Study - Dec 18

    • Full Case Study - Mar 19

    • Full Case Study - Sept 17

    • Full Case Study - Jun 14

    • Full Case Study - Dec 15

    • Case Study Video

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