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Understanding your role in a Traffic Office

Within your role in a traffic office, you will play a part in the day to day management of the flow of goods from the point of origin to their final destination. This may have a number of stops. This is defined as Logistics. Having extensive industry knowledge, combined with top quality customer service, careful planning and efficient administration service is invisible to a customer, but forms the basis of a successful traffic office. The way a traffic office works and how the day to day running is carried out is based around Much of the reasoning behind the decisions made within a traffic office will rely on the geographical knowledge of the UK, sometimes maybe further afield, of the office staff. Alongside this, having knowledge of the rules and regulations governing HGV's and their operation would also influence how decisions are made. It is vital that an employee meets the required standards to succeed within a traffic office, but these may not be skills that are proven with an exam at school, or a degree. These are life skills, often only picked up through experience. This course is set out to give you the industry information that an employer will expect, plus advice on other skills that a member of a traffic office must demonstrate.

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NTP Online courses are open to everyone, whether you are currently working within the haulage and logistics industry or looking at a career in the haulage and logistics industry.

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Course curriculum

  • 1

    Introduction - Traffic Office Essentials in Road Haulage

    • Transport Planner Essentials in Road Haulage

    • Welcome

    • Useful Documents

  • 2

    Health & Safety

    • Introduction to Health & Safety

    • Employer and Employee Responsibilities

    • Health and Safety Reps and Committees

    • The Working Environment

    • Manual Handling

    • Display Screen Equipment

    • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

    • Risk Assessments

    • Fire

    • First Aid

    • Smoking, Noise & Other Legislation

    • Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences

    • Control of Substances Hazardous to Health

    • Admin and Enforcement of Health and Safety Legislation

    • Employers Liability Insurance

    • Multiple Choice Quiz

  • 3

    Operator Licensing

    • Introduction to Operator Licensing

    • Vehicles within scope of the licensing system

    • Licence Types

    • The Application Process

    • The Application Process & Documentation

    • Financial Standing

    • Transport Manager

    • Transport Manager Repute (Infringements)

    • Transport Manager Repute (Serious Infringements)

    • Issue of an O'Licence

    • The Licence Undertakings

    • Enforcement and Quality Control

    • Operator Compliance Risk Score (OCRS)

    • Multiple Choice Test

  • 4

    Drivers Hours, Working Time & Record Keeping

    • Introduction

    • Driving & Rest Periods

    • Multi Manning & Ferry or Train Transport

    • Driving Limits

    • GB Domestic Hours

    • The Working Time Directive

    • The Working Time Directive Breaks & Night Workers

    • Reference Periods

    • Record Keeping Introduction

    • The Digital Tachograph

    • The Analogue Tachograph

    • Drivers Hours & Working Time Record Keeping

    • Multiple Choice Test Drivers Hours & WTD

    • Multiple Choice Test Driver Hours Records

  • 5

    Calculating the Costs of Operating Vehicles

    • Vehicle Calculation - Introduction

    • Terminology used in Vehicle Calculations

    • Understanding Vehicle Standing Costs

    • Understanding Vehicle Running Costs

    • Understanding Profit Requirements

    • Vehicle Utilisation & Costing Work

    • Calculating International Journey's

    • Vehicle Costing Help Sheet

    • Multiple Choice Quiz

  • 6

    Vehicle and Business Electronics

    • Vehicle and Business Electronics

    • Multiple Choice Test

  • 7

    Weights and Dimensions of Vehicles and Loads

    • Introduction

    • Vehicle General Classifications and General Abbreviations.

    • Maximum Gross Vehicle Weights

    • Axle Weights, Vehicle Heights, Vehicle Widths & Vehicle Lengths

    • Lights, Marker Boards and Projection of Loads

    • Special Types (STGO) and Abnormal Loads

    • Multiple Choice Quiz

  • 8

    Safe Loading of Vehicles & Transit of Goods

    • Loading of Goods Safely and Safe Movement of Goods

    • Movement of Foodstuffs

    • Waste

    • ADR in the UK

    • Livestock

    • Enforcement

    • Multiple Choice Quiz

  • 9

    Transporting Goods

    • Introduction

    • Options of Carriage

    • Multiple Choice Test

  • 10

    Vehicle Trailer Tests & Plates

    • Vehicle Manufacture Standards

    • Introduction

    • Manufacturers Plates

    • Vehicle Type Approval System

    • Exemptions

    • Multiple Choice Test

  • 11

    Preventative Maintenance & Safety Inspections

    • Introduction

    • Planning

    • Pre-Use Inspection (Walkround Check)

    • Annual Tests, Preparation & Auditing

    • Organisation and Documentation

    • Prohibition Notices

    • Multiple Choice Test

  • 12

    Driver Licensing

    • Categories of Entitlement

    • Disciplinary

    • International Drivers and Permits

    • Checking Licences

    • Multiple Choice Test

  • 13

    Speed Limits, Regulations, Traffic Accidents & Insurance

    • Speed Limits

    • International Speed Limits

    • Speeding – Offences and Penalties

    • Parking Restrictions in the UK

    • Restrictions On The Use of Goods Vehicles in the UK

    • Regulations for International Traffic

    • UK Tolls

    • Toll Systems in the EU

    • UK Accident procedures that need to be followed

    • European Accident procedures that need to be followed

    • Prevention of accidents

    • Requirements for Insurance

    • Vehicle Insurances

    • Other Insurance Policies

    • Other Insurance Policies contd

    • Multiple Choice Quiz Speed Limits & Regulations

    • Multiple Choice Quiz Prevention of Accidents

    • Multiple Choice Quiz Insurance

  • 14


    • Ferry & Ship Services

    • Container Movements

    • Channel Tunnel

    • Community Licences, Cabotage & Permits

    • Customs Transit Systems

    • Community Transit Systems & NCTS

    • ATA Carnet

    • TIR Carnet

    • Carnet de Passage en Douane

    • Multiple Choice Quiz Freight Permits, Operating Procedures

    • Multiple Choice Quiz Customs

  • 15

    International Contd

    • Incoterms

    • Schengen Agreement

    • Passports, Visas and Driving Licences

    • Immigration

    • Phytosanitary Requirements

    • International Transport Documentation

    • Multiple Choice Quiz International

    • Multiple Choice Quiz Documentation

  • 16

    Further Assistance

    • Geographical Knowledge

    • UK Postcode Area List

    • UK Postcode Map

    • Effective Communication