Would you know how to put an injured person into a recovery position? And are you sure that vehicles are being loaded safely using the latest techniques and best practise? Why do we lift with the knees? And does anyone know what it means when the yards-person is waving their arms around guiding a vehicle in?

These might seem like basic questions and the chances are that you can confidently answer at least one of them, but what about the others?

Throughout the UK thousands of people get injured at work every day through accidents that could be avoided if safety training had been provided.

It is the legal responsibility of all employers to provide training for an employee to carry out their duties safely, and whilst we all do it, we don’t always record it or have evidence that the training has been effective.

The beauty of NTP’s yard and warehouse awareness programme is that it provides employers with an easy, hassle-free way to give employees ongoing continuous development training along with evidence that the training is effective and staff have a clear understanding.

Keep reading to find out how this programme can help you.


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What's Included

Emergency First Aid at Work | Manual Handling | Safe Loading | Vehicle Safety and Banksman Awareness

  • Access to the entire yard and warehouse awareness programme

  • 12 months of access to all four courses and 45 + lessons

  • Full tutor support for every student for 12 months

  • Access to the employer management dashboard to manage students and monitor progress

  • Certification of training for each student upon successful completion of the programme

What to do now

If you are on this page, you’re likely searching for a training course to cover one of the key topics covered within our yard and warehouse awareness programme. The good news is that you are in the right place, now, you just need to take action!

If you want to order access for 1 person all you need to do is click the buy now button and get started right away.

If you want to order access for more than 1 person then use the live chat facility and chat with our team to place your order now. 


Mark Hancocks

Training Manager

Mark is a fully qualified transport Manager in both Road Haulage and Passenger Transport. He has helped thousands of students at NTP to become qualified transport managers themselves. Known for being the YouTube star for NTP, you'll find Mark leading lots of extremely useful training videos throughout the online courses. Mark explains everything in great detail to provide a real in-depth understanding and it pays off every time. If you want an in-depth explanation, Mark is the person you need!

Kelly Moore

Head of Training

Kelly is a fully qualified transport manager in both road haulage and passenger transport. Kelly can often be found behind the scenes working on new course development and was part of the team that originally brought the transport manager qualification online. Kelly is the eyes and ears of NTP watching everything to continuously improve our courses, and aid our students in achieving their goals. Kelly has a direct approach to teaching and will push students to succeed. If you are willing to learn, Kelly will help you achieve your goals.

Our knowledge retention tests at the end of each lesson make sure your drivers have a clear understanding of the topic, and are upskilling as desired.

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