Digital Tachographs and Understanding Pictograms


Master Tachograph Operation for Total Peace of Mind

Attention, drivers! Are you tired of the constant fear of fines and penalties due to inaccurate records or non-compliance with tachograph regulations because you haven’t been trained on the proper use of a digital tachograph? It’s time to take control of your driving career and unlock the path to success with our online course.

Designed with simplicity, our user-friendly course will empower you with the knowledge and skills needed to navigate the complexities of digital tachographs confidently. No more confusion or doubts – we break it down into practical, easy-to-understand lessons.

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We all know how perplexing those digital tachograph symbols can be. That’s why our course offers detailed instructions that will demystify these enigmatic icons. You’ll gain a profound understanding of their meanings and learn to operate your tachograph efficiently. No more confusion or time wasted deciphering unfamiliar symbols – you’ll become a master of the trade.

Imagine the confidence and empowerment you will feel once you complete our course: no more second-guessing and costly mistakes. With our expert guidance, you’ll possess the necessary expertise to use your digital tachograph flawlessly without the risk of penalties or violations.

Your driving career deserves to reach new heights. Don’t let fines and penalties hinder your progress. Enroll in our course today and unlock a future filled with confidence and success. Take control of your tachograph management and enjoy total peace of mind on the road. Your journey starts now.

The Digital Tachograph

  • Do you need to use a tachograph
  • The vehicle unit
  • Vehicle unit printout
  • Downloading information from a driver’s card


Using The Tachograph

  • Using the card
  • Printouts
  • Lost/ stolen or damaged cards
  • Obtaining a card
  • Validation of a card


The Tachograph Pictograms

This chapter covers all the tachograph symbols and what each symbol means to ensure that drivers are using the correct tachograph mode for different duties that they are undertaking.


NTP using a digital tachograph and understanding pictograms online course

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