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When and how to contact your student mentor

What is a student mentor? What does Daryl do? How can she help you? 

A student mentor is an experienced and trusted advisor you can turn to for help whenever you need it. Daryl isn’t just here to answer questions; she is here to fully support you throughout your learning journey, which means whenever you need support, she’ll be there.

Daryl is the person you contact when you need help with any of the following…

  • You’re stressed and struggling with your course and need someone to listen.
  • You’re stuck, but you don’t have a specific question and need to talk to someone about it.
  • You want Daryl to book a student support call with tutors for you.
  • You’ve got questions about exams.
  • You need a boost of motivation.
  • You need to ask a question, but it’s not for tutors.
  • You need some support, advice and guidance.
  • You don’t know who you need to talk to.
  • You want to request a new study resource for a particular topic within the course.
  • You want to get hold of a study aid but can’t find it.
  • You want a copy of a video but can’t find it.
  • You need help understanding something.

How to contact your student mentor Daryl.

Call – Call our office Monday – Thursday between 9:00 – 17:00 and select the option for student support. Daryl will answer and assist you where she can. Our office number is 01406 424500. If it turns out you need a tutor, Daryl will schedule and book a call for you.

Live Chat – Click the orange chat widget on r website to open the chat box and select the option to speak to student support. Daryl will pick up the chat and assist you.

Teams Call or MeetingClick Here to book a 1:1 teams call with Daryl. They are available Monday to Thursday until 9:00pm . Select the option for a Student Mentor Call when booking.

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