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If you answered YES then our affiliate scheme is perfect for you!

 Our affiliate scheme allows you to earn money from doing what you are already doing, recommending NTP!

Affiliates help expand the reach of NTP by promoting courses to new audiences in exchange for a commission on the resulting sales. 

How does NTP's affiliate scheme work?

"One of our affiliates made £50 in under 24 hours after joining our affiliate scheme and all they did was recommend us and share a special link I had given them. The person they recommended us to signed up and the affiliate was paid. It's such an easy way to make extra cash" - Kimbly - Marketing Director at NTP 

As an Affiliate with NTP, you have the ability to earn commissions by promoting courses and bringing in new students to NTP Online Learning site.

Understanding exactly how NTP tracks affiliate associations and commissions can help you get the most of our relationship, and ensure that you get appropriate credit for the extra business you are generating.

NTP uses Affiliate Links to track who has sent a new student to a site; these links include your unique Affiliate Code, and you will have access to URLs for individual courses, as well as a general homepage link. 

Whenever a new visitor arrives at the site through one of these links, their browser saves a cookie with a record of your code, if that student signs up at any time during that next month, they will be counted as one of your referrals. 

From that point on, courses they buy will earn you a commission, based on the terms of your affiliate agreement.

As an affiliate, you'll get special perks from NTP and you'll benefit from

How to get set up as an NTP affiliate

Affiliates are set up as regular users of the site, and so have their own login and password. 

If you were already a student before signing up as an Affiliate, you will continue using your existing account as usual

If you are new to the site, NTP will create an account for you and will provide you with your login details.

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