Transport Manager CPC - CILT Exams

How to book onto a CILT Transport Manager CPC Exam

Complete the form ‘Book your CILT Exams’ contained within your transport manager CPC course. You need to complete this form every time you want to book an exam even if you have previously taken an exam.

You will NOT be booked onto an exam if you do not complete this form.

Why you keep getting emails about CILT exams

We send emails about exams and other important information to ALL our students regardless of whether they have taken exams before or not.

We do this so that NO student misses out on important information and has the information to hand should they choose to book on another exam.

Receiving an email about exams does NOT mean you failed!

When we send you emails about booking onto an exam this in no way relates to the results of any previous exam you may have taken. You will be informed of your results separately when CILT make them available to us.

We are sending you the exam information so you have the information to hand should you wish to book onto a future exam.

What happens after you’ve completed the exam booking form

We will send your exam booking to CILT and send you an invoice for the exam fees. Once paid CILT will confirm your booking and you will receive an email from NTP confirming your place.

Where to get help

If you’re confused about the exam process please email us a or call us 01406 424500 and speak to Kim who can help you.