We provide a range of courses that can be delivered at your site.

Face-to-face courses are suitable for situations where the traffic commissioner has asked you to undertake training and for practical courses.

Courses we provide face-to-face.

Transport Manager Certificate of Professional Competence.

Whilst we have the UK's most successful online transport manager CPC course we are aware that not everyone likes to study online therefore, we provide intensive transport manager CPC training at our training centre near Spalding, Lincolnshire.

Our intensive courses run throughout the year and students work through the course over a number of consecutive days before taking the exams at our centre.

We have limited places available on these courses. For more information please contact us and speak to our sales team.

Transport Manager Refresher - HGV and PSV.

We offer transport manager refresher courses online for both HGV and PSV transport managers however, if the traffic commissioner requires you to complete a refresher then an online course will not be sufficient.

To overcome this we provide face-to-face transport manager refresher courses which are suitable for the traffic commissioner.

To discuss your case in confidence please contact us.  

Shunter and Banksman Training

Manoeuvring and reversing vehicles on site is a major cause of workplace accidents and can lead to serious and sometimes fatal injuries. Yard shunter drivers should be trained in safe working practices to minimize the risk of potentially costly accidents.


Our 90% Practical 10% Theory course is designed to engage you in safe site manoeuvring ensuring you have all the skills and knowledge you require to carry out your duties to the highest standard. Included within the course is the banksman course. Banksman / Reversing Assistant training ensures that you meet your legal requirements and reduces the risk of expensive accidents when carrying out reversing manoeuvres.

Every year a number of people are killed and seriously injured by vehicles on company sites. This course trains staff to reverse vehicles safely and avoid accidents.

Course Content

  • Understanding the company's safety procedure in relation to vehicles on site

  • Employee's legal duties regarding the Health & Safety at Work Act

  • Areas of danger for reversing vehicles on the site

  • Understanding the vehicle and trailer controls

  • Manoeuvring and reversing movements

  • Correct coupling and uncoupling of trailers

  • Ensure the handover procedure is fully implemented and understood

  • The safe passage of reversing vehicles in confined spaces

  • Identification of areas of danger within sites

  • HSE and Road Transport Industry Training Board recommended code of signals

  • Guiding large goods vehicles, both rigid and articulated, using the code of signals to HSE Guide Notes HSG136 standard

The Course Details


The course lasts for 1 day for experienced shunter drivers. We class anyone that has been doing the job for over 12 months as experienced. Novice drivers will require 2 days of training.


This course is carried out on site at your premises using your own vehicles - this is to ensure the drivers are used to driving in the vehicles and surroundings that they will be in for the job.

Delivery Method

Our course is 90% practical and 10% theory based. 


All drivers attending this course must be 18 years old and have held their driving licence for at least 12 months.

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