Way back in 2009 three women stepped into the world of training and launched NTP.

And we quickly realized one thing:

The training in the industry needed to change!

We found that the industry training was expensive, complicated and stressful. 

And we decided we were going to change it. 

We saw that drivers, managers and operator licence holders were always at a disadvantage. They had no choice, no alternative from the norm and they were being told their industry wasn’t ‘professional’.

We didn’t buy into that so we spent years developing a training company that was different. 

We recognized that people in the industry are professional, and we made sure we offered a service that met their needs. 

That was just the first step.

In 2017 we decided to completely revolutionlise the industry and change the way training was done forever…

We put it online and made it accessible to everyone. 

We made industry training more affordable, more convenient, easier to understand and enjoyable.


We quickly became recognized as the UK’s No. 1 online industry training centre, and thanks to our top performing online courses we gained the No. 1 spot for the UK’s highest pass rate of Transport Manager CPC.

Now we help thousands of people every year up-skill and improve their knowledge, so they can improve their career and ensure they're always compliant.

We are an accredited centre with JAUPT, CILT and CPD and provide online training courses to cover all roles within the transport and logistics industry.

We work with individuals, SME’s and blue chip companies.




We believe in progress, in success, in people and in our training. 

Are you ready to be part of the revolution?