Reduce infringements, save money and improve your OCRS score without taking drivers off the road!

Are you looking to improve your OCRS score, improve compliance in your organisation and save money? Then you have just found the article you NEED to read because we have the solution to help you achieve those goals.

For years employers and drivers have been forced to sit through endless hours of boring driver CPC training, and because of the inability to test, nobody really knows why they must do it, if it’s worth doing, and if drivers have ever gained anything from it. Yes, there are feedback forms, but come on that means nothing because most people don’t like confrontation so they just tick the box that it was great and move on. After all, they are only attending because they HAVE to!

How do we really know if a driver has retained the information they were told in a driver CPC training session?

How do we know that they understood what they were told?

In short, we don’t!

As employers, we are flying blind, and relying on the training provider to do a good job . Even typing this I am cringing, because employers are putting their faith entirely in the hands of a training provider, asking them to do a good job, and then just accepting they have without having any evidence of it. Worse, they often put their faith in the cheapest training provider, and you know how the saying goes…you get what you pay for.

Put bluntly, it’s a joke! And I don’t say this lightly because since 2009 I’ve been a training provider who offered driver CPC until January 2022 when we’d finally had enough!

JAUPT’s process of getting courses and trainers approved was more complex than getting authorised to deliver vocational qualifications, and they demanded more information than the traffic commissioner, yes, you did read that correctly. And they did all this on a mandatory course with NO testing! What??!!

In addition to the JAUPT debacle driver CPC has just become an industry joke, a stealth tax most people say and I agree. Most drivers openly admit they don’t pay attention and don’t care. Most employers tell us how annoyed they are and what a waste of time it is and we cant say we disagree but what can we do, it’s the law and for now, it is what it is.

I hope one-day JAUPT listen to their providers and overhauls driver CPC to make it worthwhile but until then a solution is required, and I think we’ve got it! Now we cant get rid of you having to do driver CPC (sorry!) BUT we can make sure your drivers do actually receive some training that WILL benefit them and you with proof of knowledge retention.

Yes, I am about to start trying to convince you that this is the best thing since sliced bread because I think it just might be!

We, NTP, have just launched a brand new online training programme specifically designed for qualified, professional HGV drivers and their employers (you) who want to make sure their drivers receive ongoing continuous professional development training, without the need to take drivers off the road, without it nearly bankrupting the company, and training that offers real, validated evidence of knowledge retention.

I know what you are thinking…unicorn training!! But you would be wrong, for we, NTP, have designed just that and even though we love the idea of calling it Unicorn Training, it doesn’t really appeal to our audience in this industry, so instead we came up with: The Ultimate Professional Driver Programme. Catchy? Wordy? Who cares, it’s amazing!

What is it, it’s a magical 12-month training programme that your drivers can do without, I repeat WITHOUT, having to come off the road to attend training.

We have over 20 topics on the programme that are designed to inform and upskill without the pressure of a stuffy classroom, snotty tutors, and annoying classmates! Long gone are the BORING driver CPC sessions that drivers get nothing from; instead, we cover topics that matter to you, to keep your drivers safe, your lorries on the road, your costs down, your OCRS score in the green and your customers happy.

They don’t need to log in at specific times or wait for tutors. They can learn whenever they want to, from wherever they are, on any device that connects to the internet. Whenever, wherever…Shakira, Shakira.

GOODBYE traditional training, hello flexible, easy, trackable learning!!

As you probably know, video is the most engaging content on the internet and what better way to engage your drivers in training, so bi-weekly we’ll release a brand-new toolbox talk that they can watch, enjoy and digest as a top-up to their programme.

After 12 wonderful months of upskilling, your drivers will be awarded for all their hard (it’s easy!) work with a certificate to be proud of so they can show the world how amazing they are, and so you can show the traffic commissioner how amazing you are for providing such good training!

What are you getting out of all this you say?? Where do I start…

A paper trail that proves you provide your drivers with monthly training

Proof that your drivers are learning something every single month

The ability to follow your drivers’ progress, including their test results

Evidence of training to show anyone who ever asks – not that they will because through the programme infringements will reduce, which in turn will improve your OCRS score and you’ll be the teacher’s pet*

So how much does all this magic cost? Before I tell you, I want you to sit down because you might just fall over, and I don’t want you to get hurt (if you do though, we cover emergency first aid in the programme so your drivers can help you), it costs…17p per driver, per day or if we talk in big money terms £5 per driver, per month.

What’s the catch? 12 months, that’s the catch. You commit your driver(s) for 12 months and regardless of what happens, you pay each month until it’s complete and WOW just like magic you get continuous professional development training for 17 pence per day…you’re welcome.

Have I convinced you yet? Of course I have but let me disclose more information, this course isn’t just for drivers, yes I know what I said earlier, and it has been explicitly designed for HGV drivers BUT if you really want to be the bee’s knees then it’s also a great programme to put everyone involved in your transport operation through, why? Because it covers so much and everyone, no matter how good they are need regular training. You don’t go to the gym once and get the perfect body, do you? You have to keep going and it’s the same with training.

So what next? You need to talk to us and see the programme in action with a little demo so you can click here to contact us, or if you’re ready to sign everyone you’ve ever known up to the programme then you need to click here, and take a look at the course page and place your order.

Simple, quick, efficient and affordable all so we can make sure your drivers are confident, competent and compliant.

Are you ready to work with the best in the biz, of course you are…click here.

Have a great day!

*Disclaimer: we cannot guarantee that you will be the teacher’s pet or that everything will improve – your drivers will have to complete the programme every month for it to make a difference and you’ll have to check and kick them up the backside if they don’t do it!

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