Banksman Awareness and Vehicle Safety at Work

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This is an awareness level course that helps banksman and traffic marshalls understand their role in the safe movement of vehicles and plant on site.
In addition, the course covers site safety for all personnel working on sites with vehicle movement, such as haulage yards, construction sites, lorry parks, coach yards, etc.

The course is not specific to any industry and can be used across the board to provide awareness for anyone encountering vehicle movement on sites.

Our Banksman Awareness and Vehicle Safety at Work Online Training perfectly complements the practical training that banksman and traffic marshalls must undergo. It serves as a valuable refresher course for those who have already completed practical training. By completing this training, participants will feel empowered to confidently perform their duties and help create a safer work environment for all.

Don’t wait – invest in the safety and well-being of your work site.

Enroll in our Banksman Awareness and Vehicle Safety at Work Online Training today and make a positive difference in your workplace.

Course Syllabus

Workplace Transport

Vehicle Safety
Health and Safety
Managing Transport


Site capacity
Sharp bends
One-way systems

Site Safety

Site suitability
Parking areas

Road markings

Banksman Awareness

The Traffic Marshall/ Banksman

Coupling, Uncoupling, Loading and Unloading

Coupling and uncoupling
Stability of the vehicle


This chapter covers universal signalling to ensure the banksman communicates correctly with a driver.

Why is this Course Essential?

The safe movement of vehicles and plants on various work sites is of utmost importance. By completing this training, participants will contribute to the overall safety of their work environment. Whether you work on construction sites, lorry parks, haulage yards, or coach yards, this course is suitable for anyone who may encounter vehicle movement on sites, regardless of the industry.

Master Crucial Signals for Effective Vehicle Movement

Through our course, participants will learn how to apply signals specified in the Health and Safety Signs and Signals Regulations 1996. This knowledge is indispensable for banksman and traffic marshalls to effectively direct vehicles and ensure safe movement on sites. It is crucial for anyone working on a site with vehicle movement to understand these signals distinctly and follow the instructions provided by a banksman or traffic marshall.

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Who is this course suitable for?

All site personal

Traffic marshalls


Reversing assistant


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