Yard and Warehouse Awareness Program

Ensuring a safe workplace environment is paramount, especially when handling and transporting materials.

Learn Online. Stay Safe.

It's vital that you are well-prepared to recognise and avoid potential hazards while also being able to respond to emergencies with confidence.

Yard and Warehouse Awareness Program

Online Course
£ 50
12 Months Unlimited Access
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Whats included in the Yard & Warehouse Awareness Program?

By enrolling in our program, you demonstrate a proactive commitment to nurturing your professional development. Furthermore, it sends a clear message to regulatory bodies like the Traffic Commissioner and HSE that safety holds a paramount position for you.

Covering essential topics including workplace transport, site safety, manual handling regulations, load safety, and first aid procedures, our program equips you with the knowledge and skills necessary to prevent accidents, handle emergencies efficiently, and uphold a secure work environment.

Endorsed by CILT, our program offers a concise yet comprehensive curriculum. Upon successful completion, you will receive a training certificate.

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