A practical course for newly qualified transport managers

This course will ensure that you know exactly how to apply your transport management theory into a real life business environment

This course has been developed to answer the question what do I do after I've passed my transport manager CPC? It's designed to overcome the challenges any newly qualified transport manager will face, and it's been created to equip you with the skills and knowledge required to effectively manage a transport operation in a real-life business environment. If you want to ensure you're doing everything right, you're ready for any challenge and your transport operation is fully compliant then this course is for you.

What Will You Learn In This Course?

This in-depth online study course provides information and guidance covering all areas where you must demonstrate competency to be successful as a transport manager. 

At the end of this course, you will understand how to apply your transport management knowledge to a real-life business environment.

You will have the confidence and know-how to implement and manage systems and processes so that your organisation is compliant with the terms of your operator licence. 

We cover all of the topics below within the course.

The Transport Manager

Where Things Can Go Wrong

Transport Manager Responsibilities

Administration of Drivers

Management of Drivers

Operations of Drivers

Administration of Vehicles

Management of Vehicles

Driver Licensing

Driver Certificate of Competence

Operator Licence

Vehicle Checks and Maintenance

Drivers Hours


Keeping Records

Vehicle Size and Weights

Safe Loading

The Traffic Commissioner

Accident and Incident Reporting

How This Course Will Benefit You

This course will benefit those who are newly qualified as transport managers. It will give you the skills and knowledge to apply the theory of your qualification into a real-life business environment. Upon completion of this course you will understand exactly how to adhere to your operator licence, how to ensure compliance and how to apply your knowledge into your organisation.


Prove your competency with a completion certificate

Upon successfully completing this course, you will receive a certificate of completion accredited by NTP Online Learning Ltd. In order to be awarded the certificate, you must pass the course by passing the assessments contained within the course.

Everything that's included with our online course:

All our students get access to these amazing benefits

  • Instant 12 Months access to the full online, interactive course

  • Access the course 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

  • Access the course from any device with an internet connection

  • Full tutor support via telephone, email, live chat for 12 months

  • Certificate of Completion Included upon completing the course.

  • Study when you want to and log in as many times as you want to for 12 months.

Course Access for Multiple People

Placing an order for access for 5 or more people is very easy, you can either give us a call on 01406 424500 or click on the place an order button below. You can pay via invoice and once paid we will give you instant access to the course.  

If you have less than 5 people the quickest way to enrol is to sign each person up online using a unique email address for each person and the same company name.

Please note you will receive a full receipted VAT invoice within 48 hours of making an online purchase.

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