Staying legal

This training course is designed to ensure that Operator licence holders, Transport Managers and CPC holders are fully aware and compliant of your legal and your operational responsibilities. The course is suitable for Operator licence holders, Transport Managers and CPC holders that require familiarisation with their legal responsibilities with regard to undertakings on an operator’s licence. The course provides an understanding of how things can go wrong, and a much deeper understanding of how to keep your operation legal. Many business owners don't realise the legal obligations that go hand in hand with Operator's Licensing. Those that have a basic understanding of legal and legislative obligations can sometimes be put off operating vehicles altogether! Our Transport Manager Training course covers everything you need to know! The main purpose of passenger vehicle operator licensing is to ensure the safe and proper use of vehicles and to protect the environment around operating centres.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Introduction to the course

    • Purpose of the course

    • Topics covered within the course

  • 2

    The Operators Licence

    • Financial Standing From 1st Jan 2019

    • Who needs a licence?

    • Types of Operator Licence

    • How long an Operator licence lasts

    • Operator licence undertakings

  • 3

    The Transport Manager Role

    • The role of a Transport Manager

    • The role of a Transport Manager Continued

  • 4

    The Transport Manager's Repute

    • The Transport Manager's Repute

    • Transport Managers Repute - Road Traffic Offences

  • 5

    The Role of Enforcement Authorities

    • Road Traffic Law - The Role of Enforcement Authorities

  • 6

    The OCRS System

    • Operator Compliance Risk Scores

    • OCRS Changes - latest changes 2016

    • OCRS Thresholds

  • 7


    • Maintaining Roadworthiness

    • Responsibilities for Roadworthiness

    • Regular Safety Inspections

    • Making it Cost Effective

    • Safety Inspection Intervals

    • Safety Inspection Reporting

    • Intermediate Safety Checks & Adhoc Safety Inspection Intervals

    • Electronic capture and storage of Safety Inspection Data

    • Vehicle Cleanliness

    • Own safety Inspection Facilities

    • Contracted Out Arrangements

    • Roadside Safety Inspections

    • Monitoring

  • 8

    Drivers Hours and The Working Time Directive

    • Overview to DH & WTD

    • Weekly Driving Limit

    • Two Weekly Driving Limit

    • Compliance on Weekly & Two Weekly Hours

    • EU and AETR Driver Hours Main Points

    • Working Time Regulations

    • Working Time Regulations - Breaks and Night Workers

    • GB Domestic Hours

  • 9

    Tachographs and Record Keeping

    • Requirements

    • Calibration, Sealing and Inspection

    • Downloading Information from the VU

    • Downloading Information from the driver card

    • Record Offences and Penalties

    • Employers Responsibilities

  • 10

    Driver CPC

    • Driver CPC

  • 11

    Course Summary

    • Summary

  • 12

    Useful Publications

    • Useful Downloads

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