Do you need a cpc as part of operator’s licence?

Do you need a cpc as part of operator’s licence? When it comes to operating a commercial vehicle fleet, understanding the legal requirements and certifications is paramount. The Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) is a crucial component of ensuring safe and compliant operations in the transportation industry. While CPC might sound complex, this article aims to explain its role, focusing on the two main types: the Driver’s CPC and the Transport Manager’s CPC.

Driver’s CPC vs Transport Manager’s CPC: Unraveling the Differences

1. Driver’s CPC (Certificate of Professional Competence)

The Driver’s CPC is primarily aimed at professional drivers, both new and experienced. Its main objective is to enhance road safety and improve driving standards by ensuring that commercial drivers have the necessary skills, knowledge, and attitudes to perform their roles safely and efficiently. Here’s a breakdown of the Driver’s CPC:

  • Purpose: The primary goal of the Driver’s CPC is to maintain and improve the skills of professional drivers. It involves completing 35 hours of periodic training every five years to stay up-to-date with the latest industry regulations, best practices, and safety measures.
  • Requirement: Professional drivers, including those operating vehicles for hire or reward, are obligated to hold a valid Driver’s CPC if they drive vehicles over 3.5 tonnes.
  • Relation to Operator’s Licence: It’s important to note that the Driver’s CPC is not directly related to holding an operator’s licence. Operators themselves are not required to hold a Driver’s CPC, but they must ensure that their drivers have the appropriate certification.

2. Transport Manager’s CPC (Certificate of Professional Competence)

The Transport Manager’s CPC is designed for individuals responsible for managing the transportation operations of companies that hold standard national or international operator licences. This qualification is vital for ensuring that transport operations comply with legal and safety requirements.

Here’s an overview of the Transport Manager’s CPC:

  • Purpose: The Transport Manager’s CPC equips individuals with the skills and knowledge to effectively manage and oversee commercial vehicle operations. This includes understanding legal obligations, vehicle maintenance, driver management, and overall operational compliance.
  • Requirement: If you hold a standard national or international operator’s licence, it is a legal requirement to have a qualified Transport Manager as part of your team. This individual must hold a valid Transport Manager’s CPC to demonstrate their competence in managing transportation activities.
  • Relation to Operator’s Licence: Unlike the Driver’s CPC, the Transport Manager’s CPC is directly tied to the operator’s licence. It serves as evidence that the company has a designated professional who understands and can manage the complexities of transportation regulations.


In the realm of commercial transportation, a Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) plays a vital role in ensuring safe, compliant, and efficient operations. The Driver’s CPC focuses on enhancing the skills of professional drivers, while the Transport Manager’s CPC is essential for individuals responsible for managing transportation activities under a standard national or international operator licence. By understanding these distinctions, you can navigate the regulatory landscape with confidence and contribute to a safer and more reliable transportation industry.

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