How do I change from restricted to standard operating licence?

How do I change from restricted to standard? Have you got your restricted licence and want to move from restricted to a standard operating licence? You can learn how to change from restricted to standard operating licence in the UK. And today, this blog will guide you on how to do this.

Change your licence type.

Anyone wishing to change their restricted licence into a standard one or from a national to an international one must apply through the VOL online system.

The Traffic Commissioner will need additional evidence that the applicant can meet the extra criteria that applies. No advertisement is required if no other changes to the licence are proposed, but the application will appear in Applications and Decisions. No fee is payable.

Apply for a variation.

To apply for a variation, you must complete and submit the online form. The Commissioner will then need to consider your application and may request additional information or evidence from you before making their decision.

If no other changes are proposed in relation to your licence (for example, if it is only being varied), then no advertisement is required under section 186(2) of the Act. However, if there are other proposed changes, such as increasing or decreasing the number of vehicles allowed on the licence; changing any conditions; introducing new types of vehicles etc., these should be included as part of your application and advertised accordingly (see below).

Licence application fee – £257, which is non-refundable and payable for new and major variation applications. It must accompany the application.

The licence application fee is a one-off payment of £257, which must accompany your application. It’s payable at the time of submission and is non-refundable if your application is unsuccessful.

Licence issue fee – £401, payable for the issue of a new licence. It must be paid within 15 working days from the licence grant date.

If you do not pay this fee, your application will be rejected

The licence continuation fee – £401, payable for the continuation of a licence. It must be paid before the end of the month preceding the end of the five-year period.


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