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How Often Should a Transport Manager Do a Refresher Course?

If you’re a transport manager responsible for keeping things running smoothly in the world of logistics and transportation, you’re no stranger to the importance of staying updated and compliant with regulations. One crucial aspect of this is undergoing refresher training. In this blog, we’ll explore how often transport managers should consider taking a refresher course and why it’s so essential in today’s ever-evolving industry.


The Five-Year Rule: A Minimum Requirement

Traffic Commissioners, the regulatory authority overseeing road haulage and passenger transport in the UK, have set a baseline requirement for transport managers. They mandate that any transport manager named on an Operator’s Licence must complete refresher training at least every five years. This rule aims to ensure that transport managers stay current with industry practices and regulations.


Why You Shouldn’t Wait Five Years

While the five-year rule might be the minimum requirement, best practice suggests that transport managers refresh their knowledge annually.

Here’s why:

Keeping Up with Evolving Legislation: The transportation industry is not static. Regulations change, and new laws are introduced regularly. Annual refresher courses help you stay on top of these changes and ensure that your operations remain compliant.


Latest Guidance: Traffic Commissioners regularly update their guidance and expectations. Taking an annual refresher course keeps you in the loop regarding these updates, ensuring you don’t miss any critical information.


Professional Knowledge: As a transport manager, you’re expected to possess the high-quality, professional knowledge to excel in your role. Regular refresher training ensures that you continue to meet this expectation.


What Does Refresher Training Cover?

A comprehensive refresher course typically covers various crucial topics, including:

Operator Licensing

Drivers Hours & Records

Digital Tachograph Use

Driver Licensing

Planned Preventative Maintenance

Road Safety and Enforcement

Each of these areas is vital for the smooth operation of your transport business and for maintaining compliance with your Operator Licence undertakings.


The Process of Refresher Training

Refresher training is designed to bring learners back to the basics, allowing them to review fundamental concepts they might have forgotten or update themselves on new information. It ensures that your skills and knowledge are up-to-date with the latest industry standards.

This type of training occurs at defined intervals to prevent what’s known as the “forgetting curve.” By keeping your skills and knowledge fresh, you minimise the risk of poor performance.


How Long Does It Take?

You might be concerned about the time commitment required for refresher training. The good news is that a one-day transport manager refresher course can be completed online in as little as seven hours. This means that even with a busy schedule, you can easily fit in this essential training.

Suitable for FORS-registered professionals

If you’re a transport manager registered with the Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS), these refresher courses are tailored to your needs. They align with FORS standards, making them an excellent choice to ensure you remain compliant with your FORS obligations.

In conclusion, while the Traffic Commissioners mandate refresher training every five years, it’s strongly advisable to consider annual refreshers. They keep you updated, ensure you maintain high-quality knowledge, and ultimately help you excel in your role as a transport manager.

So, don’t wait – invest in your professional development and the success of your transport operations by scheduling your next refresher course today. Sign up for our blog posts to ensure that you never miss out on crucial information and updates.

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