Top five questions we get asked about the Transport Manager Advanced Continued Development Course.

This Advanced Transport Manager course is entirely new and revolutionary, and it’s never been seen in the industry before, so nobody knows what it is or what it does, so we are going to tell you. 

Before we start, it’s important to understand that nobody else anywhere in the world has this course, whatever they tell you.  

It’s been developed in-house at NTP specifically for newly qualified transport managers. It’s been years in the making, and finally, it is here available for ALL newly qualified transport managers, and that includes people who have qualified through SEG, City and Guilds, CILT, or any other accreditation board so don’t worry if you didn’t study with NTP, we can still help you take that essential next step. 

Without further ado, let’s jump in and get those top 5 questions answered by our student’s favourite expert, Mark.  


1: What exactly is the Advanced Transport Manager course?  

Our Transport Manager Advanced Continued Development Course is a program designed to show you exactly how to set up a transport operation regardless of your background. 

In this program, we guide you through, step by step, and show you how to set up a compliant, organised transport operation. 

In a nutshell, this course shows you how to set up your own compliant transport company from start to finish and operate legally.


2: So Why would a transport manager need this Advanced Transport Manager course now that they are fully qualified? 

During your last course to become a qualified transport manager, and you learned how to pass your transport manager exams, and now the real-life situation is about to start.  

This course will protect your qualification and will keep DVSA and the traffic commissioner visiting you when things go wrong!!   

This course guides you step by step on what systems you need to have in place, how to manage the systems you put in place, and your responsibilities as a transport manager, not just for the transport you operate; your new qualification now means you are also responsible for the actions of drivers, the actions of your maintenance team, the paperwork, the record-keeping – well everything now rests on your shoulders …  

 So, you must ensure you protect yourself and your qualification by getting things right first. 

Transport Manager Advanced Continued Development HGV

3: Do newly qualified transport managers really need this Advanced Transport Manager course?  

 Yes – especially after you have just spent all that time, money, blood, sweat and tears into getting your transport manager qualification, why would you risk losing the qualification by not getting the transport operation process correct?  

 Just one thing could go wrong – and that could be it, you lose your qualification, livelihood, lifestyle, everything because you didn’t have the correct processes in place…  

Don’t take the risk of losing your qualification because you are unsure of something.  Take the SAFE route to keep your qualification because you are sure you know everything. 


 4: What else does this course give you? What I mean is, what are the benefits? Why bother? 

Let’s say you have not yet started a newly qualified transport manager position. In that case, this course will bridge the gap between knowledge and experience, which is invaluable when attending interviews. Or, maybe you’re currently in a position as a transport manager. It will allow you to ensure that you have everything the traffic commissioner requires to meet the declaration you signed. Or, you’re a transport manager with years and years of experience in running a transport office. This course will confirm that you have everything spot on with every aspect of your duty as a professional transport manager. If you find any shortfalls, the information you’ll find in this course will help you correct things in minutes.  

And with all our courses, you get access to 1-year, full one-to-one tutor support while you are an enrolled student and access to private student groups.   


5: And finally, Mark, can a transport manager who has studied with another provider still take this course? Will it matter? 

 Most definitely, yes! it does not matter who you have previously trained with, as this course is unique to NTP. It’s not out there in the marketplace, so you may find it difficult to enrol on a course like this with anyone else.  


So there you have it, our top 5 questions about our transport manager advanced continued development course answered.  


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