Transport Manager CPC Practice Case Studies for Road Haulage (HGV)

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Are you ready to ace your Transport Manager CPC examinations and become a certified professional in the field of transportation management? Look no further! NTP proudly presents the ultimate resource to boost your exam preparation: the Transport Manager CPC Practice Case Study Bundle.
Our comprehensive bundle provides you with access to 18 practice case studies covering all the essential topics included in the transport manager CPC syllabus. With this invaluable tool in your hands, you’ll gain confidence and have the ability to answer case studies with confidence. 

Practice papers and answers are included for you to instantly download. 

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18 Practice Case Studies and Answers

Detailed Answers

We don’t just stop at providing practice case studies. Our bundle includes comprehensive answers for each case study, offering insights into the correct approach and highlighting key points for your understanding. Learn from the experts and strengthen your problem-solving abilities.

Download, Save, and Print:

You have the freedom to download, save, and print the case studies, enabling you to create a personalised study resource that suits your preferences. Test yourself under realistic conditions and assess your progress as you work towards mastery.

Expertly Designed Material:

Our case studies are carefully developed by industry professionals with vast experience in the field of transportation management. You can trust in the quality and relevance of the content, ensuring an effective and comprehensive study experience.

Exclusive, Unique Content:

Crafted by experts in-house at NTP Online Learning, this unique content is unavailable elsewhere. NTP is the only CILT provider worldwide that offers unique standalone study material. 

All prices quoted are per person and are subject to VAT at the current rate.

Practice Key Syllabus Topics 

Each case study is meticulously crafted to mirror real-life scenarios, allowing you to apply your knowledge and skills in a practical context. These case studies cover a wide range of crucial topics, including:


Workplace Relations

Health and Safety

Financial Management and Business Tax

Business Marketing

Transporting Goods

Operator Licensing

Driver Licensing

Drivers Hours, Working Time and Record-Keeping

Weights and Dimensions of Vehicles and Loads

Vehicle and Trailer, Tests and Plates

Preventative Maintenance and Safety Inspections

Electronics in the Workplace

Safe Loading and Movement of Goods

Vehicle Excise Duty

Calculating the Costs of Operating Vehicles

Speed Limits, Regulations, Traffic Accidents and Insurance


Your questions answered!

If you need answers to your transport manager CPC mini case study questions, look at our frequently asked questions section.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We understand you may have some questions before making your decision, so here are the answers to commonly asked questions:

Q: What do I get when I buy?

You get access to 18 practice case studies complete with answers that you can download and use to prepare for your examinations.

Q: Are these case studies designed for Road Haulage or Passenger Transport?

These case studies are designed for road haulage (HGV) only. We do have additional packs available for passenger transport here. 

Q: How do I get access to the case studies?

They are delivered to you via email upon receipt of payment

Q: Can I use the case studies instead of buying a transport manager study course?

These case studies are designed as practice material to be used to prepare you for examinations. They are not a replacement to a study course. They should be used alongside a study course as an additional study aid. 

Q: I’ve studied with another training provider but I want to buy the case studies, will they still help me?

Yes! providing your training provider has covered all the essential syllabus. You may notice answers are different in our case studies, that because NTP always applies the latest legislation to our content instantly, whereas others do not. 

Q: I’m taking my exams with another awarding body, can I use the case studies?

Yes but you should be aware that these practice case studies were designed for students taking CILT examinations. Ultimately though the course syllabus is very similar. NTP offers the most comprehensive study course available so you will come across topics that may not have been covered by another provided / awarding body. 

All prices quoted are per person and are subject to VAT at the current rate.