What qualification do you need to be a transport manager?

What qualification do you need to be a transport manager? A transport manager plays a crucial role in keeping things running smoothly. But what qualifications do you need to step into this role? 

This guide will break down the qualifications required to become a qualified transport manager, helping you start a successful career path in the industry.

Understanding the Role: 

Before we dive into qualifications, let’s explore what transport managers do. Transport managers oversee a transport company’s ins and outs, ensuring vehicles are well-maintained, drivers follow all rules and regulations, and the company operates within the law.

Qualifications That Matter: 

To shine as a transport manager, You need to gain the transport manager cpc qualification. This qualification is required by law and industry standards to ensure safe, efficient, and compliant transport operations.

Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC): 

The CPC is a must-have for transport managers in passenger and goods transport. It’s a deep dive into transport rules, fleet management, safety, and other essential job areas. You’ll need to pass two exams. 

The first is a multiformat exam, which is a 40-question paper that you will need to gain 28 correct answers to pass this exam. 

The second exam is a case study exam, which is a 9-question paper that has 60 marks available. To pass this exam, you need to gain 30 correct answers.

 Once you have achieved a passing mark on both exams, this will qualify you as a transport manager. 

Industry-Specific Training: 

Many training companies offer specialised courses in transport management. These courses cover the full, in-depth curriculum set out by the examination board. 

To become a qualified transport manager, you need to have dedication as it is not an easy task to qualify; there is a lot of information to learn, take on board and retain, but choosing the right company with the support level that you require is vital to you successfully passing your exams.

You can learn more about the transport manager course to become a qualified Transport Manager CPC in Road Haulage (HGV). This course will equip you with the knowledge and skills to navigate the transport industry’s complexities and emerge as a qualified transport manager.

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