Why do I need a transport manager?

Suppose you are the holder or applying to be a holder of a Standard national or international operator’s licence. In that case, the law states that you must have a qualified transport manager with the relevant Certificate of Professional Competence from the Office of the Traffic Commissioner (OTC). This means that the transport manager must have completed the relevant CPC and have met the specific criteria that ensure the holder is considered fit and proper to carry out the role.

In the world of transport, making things work well, keeping people safe, and following the rules is essential. Whether you’re in charge of 1 or 1000 vehicles having a transport manager is a legal requirement. In this article, we’ll talk about why it’s essential for people who run a transport business to have a transport manager watch over everything.

Following the Rules

Transport businesses have a lot of strict rules to adhere to. There are many different laws and regulations that say how things need to be done. A qualified transport manager ensures that your transport business always follows these rules. They know all the tiny details about transport laws, safety rules, and environmental rules.

Keeping Everyone Safe

Operating safely is the most essential thing in any transport business. A transport manager determines the best ways to keep everyone safe. They ensure the rules drivers need to follow are followed and plan what to do if something dangerous happens. This helps protect the drivers, the vehicles and the general public.

Doing Things Better and Cheaper

Transport managers are like experts in making things work better and cheaper. They look at your vehicles’ routes, how they are used, and when they need repairs. Then, they find ways to make things work even better. This can help you save money on fuel, spend less on repairs, and make more profit.

Taking Care of the Vehicles

A transport manager ensures that vehicles get fixed when they need to be fixed, and they check that all the vehicles are scheduled for regular PMIs. 

Doing the Paperwork

Running a transport business means lots of paperwork and things to do. A transport manager will deal with the following – They keep track of how long the drivers work and rest, and they handle licences and permits; this means you and your team can focus on the main work of the business without getting stuck in paperwork.

Dealing with Other Countries

Things can get even trickier if you’re doing transport in different countries. Each country has its own rules, ways of doing things, and cultures. A transport manager who knows how to deal with other countries can help you figure all this out. They make sure everything runs smoothly when your vehicles cross borders.

Solving Problems

Sometimes things go wrong, like accidents or bad weather. A transport manager is there to help resolve the problems. They can think quickly and make smart choices even when things are tough. This helps to keep your business going and reduces the issues that could happen.

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