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Do I need another operator licence for another depot in the UK?

Navigating the world of operator licences in the UK can be a maze, especially when you’re looking to expand your business operations to a new depot. A common question that arises when businesses scale up or shift their base of operations is, “Do I need another operator licence for my new depot?” Here’s what you need to know.

Different Traffic Areas: New Licence Needed

The key factor that determines whether you’ll need a new operator licence is the location of your new operating centre. The UK is divided into 8 different traffic areas. If your new depot or operating centre is situated within a different traffic area than your existing one, the answer is clear: Yes, you will need to apply for a new licence for that specific traffic area.

For instance, if your current depot is in the West Midlands Traffic Area and you’re looking to set up a new one in the Eastern Traffic Area, you will need to obtain a separate operator licence for the latter.

Why Is There Such a Requirement?

The division of the UK into different traffic areas helps the authorities manage and regulate vehicular traffic and businesses in a more organised manner. Each traffic area has its own set of rules, conditions, and administrative procedures. By ensuring that businesses obtain a separate licence for each area, the authorities can maintain better control over vehicular operations and ensure adherence to regulations.

Costs and Further Information

Of course, with a new licence comes an associated cost. The application fee is £257 plus the licence fee of £401. Then You will have to pay a continuation fee of £401 every 5 years to keep your licence active.

It’s essential to budget for these additional fees when planning your expansion. For detailed information on the fees for goods vehicle licences and the specific cost breakdown for each traffic area, it’s advisable to consult official sources or get in touch with relevant authorities. They will provide the most accurate and up-to-date information.


In conclusion, expanding to a new depot in the UK requires some groundwork, especially if the depot is in a different traffic area. Ensuring you have the correct operator licences is not just about adhering to the rules – it’s about ensuring your business operations run smoothly and without legal hindrances. So, if you’re thinking of opening a new depot in a different traffic area, plan ahead, budget for the licence fee, and make sure you’re fully compliant. Your business’s growth and reputation depend on it.

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