How Do You Get A Digital Tachograph Card

If you’re a driver in Great Britain, keeping track of your daily work is crucial. That’s where a digital driver tachograph card comes in handy, storing all the important information you need. Whether you’re applying for the first time, renewing, or dealing with a lost card, we’ve got you covered with this simple guide.

How to Apply

  1. Online Application:

  • You can apply online for your first GB driver digital tachograph card if you’re currently living in England, Scotland, or Wales.
  • Renewal is also possible online if your card is expiring within the next 90 days.
  • Unfortunately, you can’t apply online if you’re exchanging a foreign tachograph card. In that case, opt for the postal application.
  • Apply on this link
  1. Postal Application:

  • Apply by post for your first GB driver digital tachograph card if you’re currently residing outside Great Britain.
  • Postal application is required for replacing a damaged or faulty card, changing the name or address on your card, or if you have a paper driving license.
  • If you need to change an EU, EEA, or Northern Ireland tachograph card to a GB card, apply by post. You must have lived in the UK for more than 6 months in the past year.
  1. Reporting Issues:
  • If your card is lost, stolen, damaged, or not working properly, report it immediately to the DVLA.
  • Contact DVLA at 0300 790 6109 to report and seek assistance.

Applying as an Operator

As an operator, you need a tachograph company card to download data from digital tachographs in your vehicles. Here’s how you can navigate this process:

  • Online Service:
    • Apply for a first digital tachograph company card.
    • Apply for additional company cards.
    • Renew an existing card.
    • Replace lost, stolen, damaged, or faulty cards.
    • Change the name or address on your company cards.

For assistance with the online service, contact the DVLA Digital Tachograph Team at 0300 300 2079, Monday to Friday, 8 am to 5 pm.

Wrapping Up

Keeping your digital tachograph card up to date is essential for a smooth and compliant driving experience. Whether you’re a driver or an operator, make use of the online and postal options available to ensure your information is accurate and accessible. Don’t forget to reach out to the DVLA Digital Tachograph Team if you need any help along the way. Safe driving!

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