How much is an operating licence

An operating licence is a legal requirement in the UK, and costs vary depending on the type of application you require and the complexity of the application.

What Are the Types of Operating Licence Available?

There are three types of goods vehicle operator’s licences. The type of licence required will depend on the use of the vehicle.

  • A standard international licence enables you to transport your own goods, and goods for other people in return for payment, within the UK or when undertaking international journeys. You’ll also receive a UK Licence for the Community, which is necessary for all hire or reward operations occurring inside, or travelling through, EU nations. You’ll need to check if you need any separate international road haulage permits too.
  • A standard national licence allows you to haul your own items domestically or overseas, or other people’s goods for reward solely within the UK.
  • A restricted licence normally allows you to take your own goods within the UK and the EU. If the goods are or become and stay the driver’s property, a restricted licence is likely to be appropriate. It is important to think about the purpose of the operation. For instance, vehicle recovery does not include returning the vehicle following repair.


The correct type of licence can depend on the particulars of the situation.

If you answer yes to the following questions, it is likely to mean that the operation requires a standard licence:

  1. Is the transport of the goods a predominant part of the service provided?
  2. Does the operator hold, and rely on when carrying those goods, a type of insurance policy that covers the carriage of goods for reward?
  3. Does the carrying result in payment, direct or indirect, which benefits the owner or user of the vehicle?

What Are the Costs Involved in Applying?

The costs involved in obtaining an operating licence in the UK vary depending on the type of application you require and the complexity of the application. For a one-off, fixed fee, we can assist with your new licence application, major change variation application for an existing licence or operating centre change only.

When applying for a goods vehicle operator’s licence, you’ll have to pay:

Please note that the advert charge still applies, where applicable.


For companies operating commercial transport vehicles in the UK, an operating licence is a legal requirement and costs vary depending on the type of application you require and the complexity of the application.

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