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The Top 5 Reasons Why You Failed Your Transport Manager Exams

Daily at NTP we talk to people who have failed their transport manager CPC exams. Some have failed once, others have failed multiple times, and they’ve all tried different methods to pass. These people are often deflated with no confidence left, and no idea why they failed or what to do next.

Over the past 13 years we have found there to be a number of simple reasons WHY people fail, and there are simple ways to overcome the issues and increase the chances of passing, so let’s take a look…

Here are the top 5 reasons why people do not pass the transport manager cpc exams.

1, You’re not seeing what’s in front of you.

The No.1 all-time reason why people fail is that they don’t see what’s in front of them; what do I mean? exactly what I say. They are not seeing the information, which is usually caused by scan reading, failing to read questions thoroughly, and slowly making sure you take everything in.

Far too many people quickly scan the question and answer without a second thought and that’s a big NO, NO.

If you fail to read the questions properly, the chances are you are going to answer them incorrectly and sometimes it might only be one word in a question that makes you get it wrong so reading questions carefully and making sure you understand exactly what has been asked is an important factor when it comes to passing your transport manager CPC exams.

If you don’t believe me, then try it for yourself….in our transport manager CPC courses we have hundreds of knowledge retention questions. I bet you that you will come on our live chat and tell our tutors that two of the answers are the same, I really do bet you, because it happens every day and our students get told to read the answers again carefully. They do, and guess what…they find the difference.

The same thing happens in exams, which is why reading the questions is important. Sounds simple, but it’s a critical piece of advice that is often overlooked.

2, You took the exams before you were ready to sit them

But how do I know when I am ready, I hear you ask? Well, any good training provider will be monitoring your progress and will be able to tell to if and when you are ready. If your training provider can’t tell you if you are ready of not then you are training with a terrible training provider.

Be warned: there are thousands of training providers offering transport manager CPC training, just because they offer it doesn’t make them good at it!

Lots of companies, including some very large ones, will happily put you in for your exams and let you fail because it means they get to make more money from you. We refuse to do this with our students, and we don’t sugar coat it, you are paying us to pass and if you want to pass, we’ll tell you when you are ready to pass.

If you are happy to fail your exams repeatedly then please DO NOT come to us; we cannot help you.

We ONLY help people who are serious about getting qualified and who want to pass their transport manager CPC examinations and become qualified transport managers. If that’s not you, then we are not the right provider for you. At NTP we don’t do average, we do awesome.

3, You think intensive training courses are the answer

Another big reason people fail is that the pressure gets to them and again it’s no surprise. It was, for this reason, we stopped delivering face-to-face intensive classroom courses.

Did you know that the transport manager CPC is equivalent to an A-level? Did you also know that an A-level takes approximately 2 years to achieve? you do now, and now you can imagine how difficult the intensive courses were.

Trying to cram two years’ worth of information into a 10-day period and then pass two examinations on day 11. I can feel the pressure even thinking about it, and I think it’s pretty easy to understand why people fail when they train this way.

Honestly, you need to go easy on yourself and get away from this idea that you must pass in two weeks; it’s unrealistic and very few achieve it.

Stop beating yourself up and choose the best path for you. I promise you that the more pressure you put on yourself to pass, the higher the chances of you failing!

Would you complete an A-Level in 10 days? – No!

You will be a better, more knowledgeable transport manager if you take your time to gain a clear understanding of the subject matter and you will increase your chances of passing the first time.

Exams run 6-10 times a year with NTP so chill, you have time. What matters is that you know your stuff because once you are qualified knowing your stuff is what will keep the business running, and keep you out of prison!

Remember as a transport manager, you will be responsible for everything, and it’s not a responsibility to be taken lightly. Having the knowledge you need to stay legal is not just for your exam; it’s essential for you and your transport operation.

4, You do not really want to do the course. You are being forced to do the course and do not really have a passion for it.

If any of this is true, how will you handle the responsibility of being a transport manager? There is a lot of responsibility and strict legal obligations that you must adhere to. If you can’t do it, or don’t want to do it, and don’t want the responsibility transport managers have, then you don’t need a training course; you need a career change.

I’m serious! Being a transport manager is a very highly skilled role in which the named transport manager has a huge amount of responsibility to run a legal transport operation. If you don’t want that then don’t let anyone force you into it!!

5, You have no support from your training provider.

Let me be clear: just because a training provider offers transport manager training doesn’t mean they are good at it. We have a list as long as our office of dodgy training providers, but it’s not up to us to share them; it’s up to you to do your research and make sure you choose a reputable provider with a proven track record (google the hell out of them and read all the reviews, talk to your friends, ask on forums, call the companies and see what vibe you get off them).

Your provider should offer you support. A transport manager CPC course isn’t easy, it’s hard work, and it takes commitment, dedication and the support of some good, patient and knowledgeable tutors. If you don’t get that from your provider, then they are terrible, and you should look for a better provider (that’s us by the way).

So there are the 5 top reasons people fail their transport manager CPC exams, but there are more reasons, of course, these are just the most common.

There is another which is rather important, and that comes down to the type of course you choose. We’ve already told you about intensive classroom courses, but there are other options such as courses that run over a number of weeks or months. These types of courses are also poor choices because when it gets to week 6 or month 6 can you remember what you learnt in week 1? of course you can’t, so how will you pass?.

Another option is home study – what we mean is where you buy a folder of notes and go it alone. You might as well just bin them now because without support and guidance from someone who has knowledge of the syllabus and an idea on how to answer examination questions you really don’t have much hope of passing.

All we ask is that when you choose a course, it should have the flexibility to allow you to study on your own terms to reduce the pressure, it should include everything you need to pass, it should have lots of support, and it should have a proven track record. Thankfully NTP’s online transport manager CPC study course has all that and more so it’s a huge stroke of luck that you read this article and found it, it must be a sign!

If you don’t want a course but you want a flavour of what’s involved with transport manager CPC, or perhaps you are studying elsewhere and have heard of NTP’s greatness and want to access our free training videos then you can do so by clicking here

Take a look inside NTP Online Learning courses
Take a look inside NTP Online Learning courses


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