UK Tolls the facts.

UK Tolls 

How many UK tolls are there? 

There are 23 tolls, or toll roads, in the UK; 18 of which are river crossings, toll roads or tolls are public roads that charge drivers a fee for their use 

Can you avoid using tolls? 

Finding a route that avoids a toll may be possible, but the time and additional fuel spent on the re-route may not be worth saving a few pounds. Tolls are built to make travelling between two locations quicker and easier. For example, avoiding the Dartford Crossing between Kent and Essex would mean a big detour into East London to use the Blackwall Tunnel or the Woolwich ferry. 

How much does it cost to use toll bridges in the UK?  

The price you pay depends on the vehicle you’re driving and the time of day you travel. Peak hour crossing is more expensive, and the time of day you travel also makes a difference; people are discouraged from peak-hour travel with higher toll charges in peak hour periods; using a toll off-peak can be cheaper, depending on the individual toll. 

A motorbike or car will pay less than a heavy goods vehicle, but the most expensive toll is the M6 toll West Midlands where a car costs £5.60  

Some tolls are free; sometimes, motorbikes and local buses can use the toll without charge. 

What if I am unable to pay the toll charge? 

If you are unable to pay, you will be asked to pull over to a holding area, where you will be issued a fine and processing fee. The fine and fee will be detailed in a letter which will be sent to the vehicle owner’s address 

Why do I have to pay for tolls? 

The fees collected from toll roads go towards road maintenance costs and also to help to fund construction work and road improvements making the UK’s network of motorways and bridges make your journey quicker and more efficient. 

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