What is a Banksman?

Banksmen are operatives trained to direct vehicle movement on or around the site. They are often called traffic marshals. A driver manoeuvring an HGV cannot see around their vehicle. They have constantly changing blind spots where they cannot see other vehicles or pedestrians. This is where a Banksman comes in. Using a set of universally recognised hand signals, they can direct a lorry driver safely in the direction they need to go, especially when reversing, whilst indicating to pedestrians what the intention of the lorry driver is.

To help operators provide continuous professional development to their drivers and ensure they provide clear training on load safety, we have developed an online course called The Ultimate Professional Driver Programme; in this programme, we cover over 20 topics that are essential to drivers.

In addition to this course, we also have a series of free training videos. That operator can use as training aids in their business.

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Speak to our team about keeping your transport operation and HGV drivers confident, competent and compliant by clicking the live chat widget now. We are here to help and guide you and ensure you have robust training programmes in place to keep your organisation safe, legal and on the road.

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