What is Safe Loading?

Simply put, Safe Loading ensures that any load in or on a moving vehicle is secure; securing a load must be of primary concern for all road users. In 2013 Highways Agency reported over 22,000 road impact incidents caused by objects falling from vehicles. This is dangerous to all road users.

It is well documented that a driver of an HGV is responsible for the safety of their load, whether they have loaded it themselves or not.

This places massive responsibility onto the shoulders of the yard and warehouse persons to ensure that they are loading vehicles properly, in line with legislation and best practices.

Your onsite members of staff will affect the safety of the load, the stability and driveability of the vehicle and the condition of the goods when the customer receives them.

Here is a link to the Driver Standards Agency

To help operators provide continuous professional development to their drivers and ensure they provide clear training on load safety, we have developed an online course called The Ultimate Professional Driver Programme; in this programme, we cover over 20 topics that are essential to drivers. In addition to this course, we also have a series of free training videos that operators can use as training aids in their business.Please click here to learn more about the ultimate professional driver programme.

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We are here to help and guide you and ensure you have robust training programmes in place to keep your organisation safe, legal and on the road.

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